Listen to the audio from Morrissey’s Der Spiegel interview

Following the release of Morrissey’s recent statement regarding his interview with local Berlin music journalist Juliane Liebert for German magazine Der Spiegel, where he had stated that the transcription and article misrepresented his views and statements regarding multiculturalism, borders, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and more. In Morrissey’s facebook post above, the former Smiths singer said he was denied his […]

Tim Pope to direct documentary on The Cure

Following the announcement of The Cure’s “40 imaginary years” concert on Saturday July 7th 2018 at BST Hyde Park, London, longtime Cure collaborator and music video director Tim Pope stopped being coy finally let the lovecat out of the 50 boxes regarding his 2018 plans with Robert Smith. The boxes contain films, photographs, memorabilia—and Pope tweeted this […]