La Secte du Futur to release new album ‘Wounded Princes’ this coming March | Watch the video for ‘First Men On The Moon’

Paris’ La Secte Du Futur are about to blow you away with their fantastic third LP ‘Wounded Princes’.  The album radiates with a melange of warm reverb, jangly guitars, and vocals whose choral effects carry the music to anthemic heights that illicit some of the tracks from this French garage band to comparison with cold-wave luminaries […]

Watch Russian post-punk band Ploho’s video for ‘Город устал’ (The city is tired)

A prolific band in the new wave of Russian post-punk,  Novosibirsk’s Ploho have already recorded 2 albums, several EPs surind and more than 10 singles during their several years of existence, which they supported by touring more than 30 cities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Their music combines early post-punk, new wave and Russian rock circa […]