The Helpful Hoodlums in Las Vegas, NV

The Helpful Hoodlums

We live in a world where tragedy has become an all too common event; we see shootings, bombings, massacres, and vehicular attacks almost every other day on the internet now. It’s heartbreaking and it brings us down, so we share the news story and put a filter on our profile picture and use the trending hashtag to show support. It makes us feel better, it raises “awareness” of something we’re all shaken by. But what good are we actually doing? Imagine for a moment if it was your home, in your city, full of your friends and family, and imagine if the whole world just posted statuses of prayer and love, and no one physically did a thing. There are some moments that come out of nowhere and shake our realities, and the closer you are the epicenter of the events, the more violent the whiplash. These are the moments that your choices matter the most, and when those choices become definitions of you, the moments where sharing a solidarity meme simply won’t cut it.

Meet Dustin Hoots, a Las Vegas resident who took action after the Route 91 shooting by starting a movement called “The Helpful Hoodlums”. I had the opportunity to see Dustin and his amazing team work with local and out of town volunteers, donors, businesses, and first responders to get supplies and food to anyone in need, and he was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

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Source: Punk News